Tesla 1044671-00-E brake booster

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Modern stopping power without vacuum noise or even vacuum need using the Tesla 1044671-00-E brake booster.

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    • GEN2 iBooster connector kit

      iBooster GEN2 connector kit

      Full connector set with crimp pins, seals and blind stops to integrate a Tesla GEN2 iBooster brake booster in your wiring loom.

      Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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The 1044671-00-E was the second iBooster Tesla started using in their Model 3. It’s not exactly clear what the differences between the -D and -E are. Perhaps some firmware improvements? And why they skipped -A, -B and -C?

In the Model S and Model X, Tesla used the GEN1 iBooster made by Bosch (e.g. 1037123-00-B). In the Model 3 they started using this GEN2 model.

The form factor is a bit more compact but also a bit strange with the ECU connector sticking out on the side and the tilted brake fluid reservoir.

This is a used iBooster in working condition removed from a left hand drive (LHD) model 3. The master brake cylinder outlets are at the left hand side. The ECU can be swapped/rotated 180 degrees to the other side so the ECU connector points upwards in case that is more convenient.

While using the iBooster GEN2 connector kit you can integrate the iBooster in your own wiring harness. Details on that can be found in the ‘Wiring the Tesla iBooster‘ blogpost.

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